Department Responsibilities

Department Overview

Corporate Support Services provides strategic operations for the City of St. Catharines, including employee retention and management, information technology and in-house legal services.

Organizational Structure

Assistant Director, Corporate Support Services
Jeanette Pillitteri (interim Director)

  • Provides guidance for human resource development
  • Acts as the lead negotiator in collective bargaining
  • Advocates for functional and technical advancement through the City's Information Technoloy division
Human Resources
  • Co-ordinates employment and recruitment activities
  • Organizational design and development
  • Addresses employee issues/activities with bargaining units
  • Administration of human resources policy and practices
  • Compensation and benefits management and administration 
  • Implements and enforces health and safety policies
Information Technology
  • Maintains corporate software, hardware, telecommunications and voice and data network
  • Implements technology standards protocols
  • Plans, installs, maintains and upgrades services
  • Offers technical support and problem solving for City staff
  • Ensures data security and integrity
  • Provides business continuity planning
Legal Services
  • Provides legal advice to City Council, the Chief Administrative Officer and other City officials
  • Prepares all proposed by-laws, agreements and contracts for the Corporation
  • Represents the City of St. Catharines in legal proceedings
  • Receives and processes insurance claims and written noise complaints
  • Coordinates and ensures corporate recognition and compliance with Ontario’s accessibility legislation
  • Acts as liaison between the City’s statutory accessibility advisory committee, departments and Council
  • Develops and supports the implementation of the corporate Accessibility Plan
  • Receives and acts on feedback from the public on accessibility concerns
  • Leads awareness and advocacy for preventing and removing barriers throughout the City’s facilities and services
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