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Parking and Property Standards By-law Review Task Force

Statement of Purpose

To ensure that the enforcement of the City's Parking By-laws and Property Standard By-laws is efficient, consistent and fair.

The Task Force will review the City's current policy of enforcing the City's parking by- laws by patrol and on a complaint basis; and enforcing the City's Property Standards By-law on a complaint basis.

The Task Force will make recommendations to Council regarding possible changes to the current bylaws and policies, having regard to budgetary and staffing implications of any recommended changes.


The Task Force will be comprised of 3 Council members appointed by Council.

Term of Appointments

The Term of the Task Force appointments will be for not longer than a period of 12 months.

Reporting Structure

At the end of the 12 month period, the Task Force will present its recommendations to Council. It is recommended that Council then request a report from staff with input from any relevant committees, including the Parking Advisory Committee and Budget Committee. Staff will review and present the Task Force Recommendations and provide advice to Council and options regarding implementation.

Schedule of Meetings

To be determined by the Committee


The Task Force may strike other subcommittees as required. A member of the Committee shall act as chair for each subcommittee which can be comprised of Committee members and non-members where appropriate.

Staff Resources

The Task Force will be supported by appropriate staff from FMS, PBS and LCS for the purpose of providing advice and input to the Task Force; a member of the Mayor's staff will act as Task Force Secretary.


The Task Force shall conduct its meetings in accordance with and otherwise comply with the Council Procedural Bylaw, as an ad hoc committee of Council.
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