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Advisory Committees

A new committee structure and list of advisory committees were approved by City Council at its meeting on March 23.

Join an Advisory Committee

Want to join an advisory committee? Simply complete our online application form

Hurry, applications must be in by April 24.

Advisory Committee Recruitment Fair

Residents looking to join an advisory committee are invited to an open house Tuesday, April 7 from 2 to 7 p.m. at the St. Catharines Kiwanis Aquatics Centre. Staff representatives from the advisory committees will be on-hand to meet with residents and those in attendance will be able to apply in-person.

New Advisory Committee Structure

Under the new structure, 13 advisory committees will now fall under one of four sustainability committees reporting directly to City Council. The four sustainability committees - cultural sustainability, economic sustainability, environmental sustainability and social sustainability - were created to align with the four pillars of the City's community sustainability strategy, Tending our Garden City.

New Committee Structure
City Council
  • Oversees the four sustainability committees: cultural, economic, environmental and social
  • Oversees the two task forces

Cultural - Advisory Committees

  • Arts and Culture Advisory Committee
  • Heritage Advisory Committee (combines the Port Dalhousie Heritage District Advisory Committee and the St. Catharines Heritage Committee)
  • Heritage Permit Advisory Committee (new committee)
  • Public Art Advisory Committee
  • St. Catharines Museum Advisory Committee

Economic Sustainability - Advisory Committee

  • Downtown Development Revitalization Advisory Committee (combines Downtown Development Revitalization Committee and Downtown Parking Committee)
  • Parking Advisory Committee

Environmental Sustainability - Advisory Committees

  • Clean City Advisory Committee (combines Clean City Committee and Graffiti Committee)
  • Green Advisory Committee (combines Green Committee and Urban Forestry committee)

Social Sustainability - Advisory Committees

  • Accessibility Advisory Committee (formerly called the Mayor's Advisory Committee on Accessibility)
  • Active Transportation Advisory Committee (combines Active Transportation Committee and Trail Strategy Committee)
  • Recreation Facilities & Programming Master Plan Implementation Advisory Committee (new committee)
  • Town and Gown Advisory Committee (formerly the Student Housing Liaison Committee but with new and expanded terms of reference)

Mayor's Forums and Initiatives

Mayor Walter Sendzik is introducing new Mayor's Forums as a way to generate dialogue between the Mayor's Office and residents about specific community issues. The 2015 forums will focus on older adults, youth and poverty reduction. Dates and times for the forums will be released at a later date.

Task Forces

The Meridian Centre Fundraising Task Force and the Welland Canal Fallen Workers Memorial Task Force will be part of the new committee structure. Both were created under the previous term of council, and because each is close to achieving its objectives they are being moved from committees to task forces. Existing members will be re-appointed to each task force.

Departmental Working Groups

Departmental working groups are the final part of the new committee structure. City staff will lead the working groups and work together with stakeholders to help shape policies and processes that affect departments. City Councillors won't formally be part of the working groups but they are able to attend meetings.
  • The Recreation Facility Users departmental working group will provide input on recreation facility use.
  • The Development Process Review departmental working group will focus on private development policies and procedures.
  • The Performing Arts Centre Users departmental working group will connect staff from the Performing Arts Centre with members of the local arts community.

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