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Arena Partners Committee

Committee Type

Advisory committee or task force


The Arena Partners Committee was formed at the request of Mayor Brian McMullan in 2008 to bring city staff and various St. Catharines arena user groups together to address various issues in relation to arena usage throughout the city.


With a spirit of co-operation, the Arena Partners Committee will represent all arena users of the City of St. Catharines. Through accountability and commitment to the committee's goals and without bias, members of the committee will work closely with city staff and Council to promote and enrich recreational and competitive opportunities for all members of the community.


The Arena Partners Committee will:

  • Promote equal opportunity for access to all arena users within St. Catharines.
  • Advocate an atmosphere and spirit of cooperation in the allocation of ice surfaces.
  • Develop an Ice Allocation Policy to satisfy the current and future demands of prime time ice.
  • Monitor and recommend improvements to Ice Booking Practices to ensure efficient and equitable usage of available ice.
  • Develop an Arena Strategic Plan and make recommendations to Council for improvement to existing structures and plan for future developments.
  • Encourage dialogue amongst user groups and provide a vehicle for users to express ideas or concerns to city staff and Council.


Arena Partners Committee is comprised of representatives from various organizations and other interested citizens of St. Catharines. Committee members were selected by application and were then subsequently approved by council.

Voting Membership

Committee members have voting privleges

Membership Responsibility

Members are expected to work collaboratively with fellow members while considering issues and concerns raised from various community groups and their representatives.

Membership Term

The term of appointment for committee membership shall be a four-year term

Membership List

Phil Baronowski
Kim Bauer - Chairperson
Jim Benson
Jeff Burch 
Wayne Briggs-Jude
Bill Burke
Paul Coates
Glen Cyr
Jim Denham 
Lincoln Fannell
Dave Gerow
Scott Greenfield
Ken Houtby 
Jon Lowe
Joe MacNeil
Brian McMullan
Sandra Neil 
Murray Nystrom
David Oakes 
Tony Penna
Councillor Bill Phillips
Kathi Plug
Jim Richardson
Ken Russell
Councillor Mathew Siscoe 
Councillor Bruce Williamson

Meeting Schedule & Location(s)

Second Wednesday of every month 5:15 p.m.
Seymour-Hannah Sports and Entertainment Centre - Meridian Room
Public welcome.

Please note that time and location are subject to change.


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