Heritage Properties

How do heritage properties get designated?

Properties are designated through the Ontario Heritage Act. The process for designation is as follows:

  • Property owner approaches Heritage Committee through Planning and Development Services Department with request to designate property
  • Request should be made in writing providing owner's consent to proceed
  • Heritage Committee evaluates owner's request based on "Rating System for Built Heritage Resources" and makes recommendations through Planning and Development Services staff if the evaluation results warrant
  • A report is then prepared by Planning and Development Services staff to City Council based upon recommendations made by Heritage Committee
  • If the recommendation is approved by City Council, a Notice of Intent to Designate is published in the newspaper (St. Catharines Standard), on the City website, and served to the owner of the property and Ontario Heritage Foundation
  • If, after 30 days, no notices of objection to the designation are filed with the City Clerk, a by-law designating the property is passed by City Council
  • Once the by-law is passed, a Notice of Passing of the By-law is published in the newspaper (St. Catharines Standard) on the City's website, and served to the owner and Ontario Heritage Foundation. Then the by-law takes effect.

The process takes approximately three to four months. 

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Photo of the Merritt House Heritage Property
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